About Us

FCI IMMIGRATION is an entity dedicated to help people who want to immigrate to another country with a legal status and help them settle in a foreign country, whether as a student, a political refugee, a temporary worker or permanent; as a dependant, investor, independent artist, athlete or any other status we will be eager to assist you.

  In FCI IMMIGRATION are also dedicated helping companies to   set their businesses abroad and make them have several   connections in order to enable the possibility to hire people from   different places around the world and develop strongest   conditions in the future for this purpose.

  We are aware of the manpower shortage; therefore, we have developed mechanisms and legal tools to assist them in the migration process, trying to avoid the paperwork dilatory and tedious.

In FCI IMMIGRATION we do care in all human conditions, equally, and mutual respect between the parties involved, considering both, immigrant and institution or company can feel secure in the knowledge that we will put our best effort to fulfill their goal entrusted.

  In this society we often lacking of some elements like economic,   social, personal or security; the need to establish such   mechanisms to facilitate interactions between the parties   involved, whether to work, study, recreation or trying to have a   better standard of living.

  IMMIGRATION FCI concludes saying that our company will be an instrument to sponsor and represent your interests if you are looking for service abroad.

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