Immigration Status

A visa is an official authorization appended to a passport, permitting entry into and travel within a particular country or region.

It will depend on how long you want to go for, why you want to go and certain other factors as to which of the visas you must apply for.

  • TYPES OF VISAS IN australia

australia offers a range of immigration opportunities and probably does more than most other countries to encourage skilled workers to move to australia. There are four main categories for visas and there is also an option for a work permit:

  • Skilled Worker Class
  • The Skilled Worker Visa for australia is the most popular way of applying for migration to australia. This allows you to enter australia with the right to work without first needing to find a job. Find out if you qualify by using the australia Skilled Worker Points Calculator.

  • Business Class
  • Canadian Business Immigration offers three different australia Business Visa categories for business immigration to australia for potential migrants wishing to Invest or start a business in australia.

  • Family Class
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in australia, eighteen years of age or older, may sponsor close relatives or family members who want to become Permanent residents of australia.

  • Citizenship
  • Although you can not apply for Canadian citizenship until you have lived in australia for at least three years, you can be thinking about what it means from the moment you arrive.

  • Work Permits
  • A work permit for australia can only be obtained if you have an offer of employment before applying for your Canadian work visa. australia seeks to attract temporary skilled workers to fill positions that Canadian employers are currently having difficulty to fill by a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen.

  • australia Visit Visa
  • Visit australia with a Canadian Tourist Visa. A Canadian Visitor Visa will allow you to visit australia for up to six months.

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